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RM Rail to supply WTG Group with flat cars for large-capacity containers

High reliability of cargo attachment while in transport is the key competitive advantage of this model

04/14/2023 Read more
RM Rail has certifies flat car for timber, pipe and container transportation

Carrying capacity of the flat car is 70 t, its service life is 32 years, and its design speed is 120 km/h

04/05/2023 Read more
RM Rail certifies hopper car for mineral fertilizer transportation

Its design includes an innovative bogie with a load capacity of 25 tf

03/21/2023 Read more
RM Rail certifies 25 tf rail car bogie

The project was implemented jointly with St. Petersburg State Transport University

03/07/2023 Read more
New head at RM Rail Abakanvagonmash

Sergei Makerov became the new head

02/06/2023 Read more