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New head at RM Rail Abakanvagonmash

Sergei Makerov became the new head of RM Rail Abakanvagonmash, the largest container manufacturer in Russia (member of the RM Rail groups, Russia's leading manufacturer of freight rolling stock).

Mr Makerov has previously held the management positions at a number of key companies in the Siberian Federal District specializing in the manufacturing of rail cars, steel structures, and equipment, construction of the major industrial and social facilities, such as the Lakhta Center tower in St. Petersburg and Volgograd and Nizhny Novgorod stadiums. He has some extensive experience in improving business processes, implementing lean production, expanding sales markets, and increasing business efficiency as a whole.

He majored in metallurgy and graduated from the Siberian State Industrial University (Novokuznetsk), with a degree in thermal physics, automation, and ecology of industrial furnaces, and he also has a business degree.

The key task of Mr Makerov as the head of RM Rail Abakanvagonmash is further development of container manufacturing and modernization of production processes in order to increase the competitiveness of its products.

Based on the results of the last year, RM Rail Abakanvagonmash showed a significant increase in manufacturing, with more than 6 thousand containers assembled. This year's objective is to continue the positive dynamics and ensure business diversification.

02/06/2023 All news