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RM Rail Mashzavod

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RM Rail Mashzavod is an enterprise specializing in the construction of modular buildings. Production facilities are located at the RM Rail Abakanvagonmash plant and are capable to produce about 300 modular units and 500 modular building frames per month.

Many years of experience, advanced technologies in the design and manufacture of various containers have helped the company quickly master the production of mobile block-frame buildings for various purposes, not inferior in design and quality to European counterparts. The speed of manufacture, mobility, the possibility of installation in hard-to-reach areas, the possibility of reuse, relocation and quick layout of the modules are the main advantages of such structures.

During the development process, designers combine creativity and use of PPDS and PLM software systems as an aid to find the optimal balance between an effective engineering solution and reasonable production costs.

A single logistics center allows effective combination of road, sea and railway delivery of block-frame accommodation modules. This makes customer expenses significantly lower. The accommodation modules are delivered both as Transpack containers and in already assembled state.