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RM Rail Ruzkhimmash


Ruzkhimmash JSC (Ruzayevka, Republic of Mordovia) is the largest Russian manufacturer of freight rail cars, which manufactures over 100 models of freight rolling stock. The product range is continually expanded by special-purpose and innovative rail cars with improved performance characteristics. The enterprise was founded in 1961.

A related specialization is manufacturing of equipment for the oil and gas, oil refining and chemical industries. These are gas tank containers, filters, unit equipment and various types of vessels for oil dehydration and demineralization, gas treatment, product storage, as well as a wide range of heat-exchange equipment and evaporation plants.

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Machinery pool includes modern laser metalcutters, robotic welding stations, high-tech heat treatment furnaces, heavy sheet metal stamping presses, spray/cure paint booths and other equipment by leading Russian and European manufacturers.