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Freight rail cars

Freight rail cars

Our freight rail cars are sophisticated, “hardworking”, reliable and capable of carrying a variety of goods in unusual combinations at your convenience.

Engineers have found effective solutions to make their operation even more profitable. Today, RM Rail produces over 100 models of rolling stock, most of which have increased load and cubic capacity and equipped with accessories preventing loss of cargo during transportation.

We are outright leaders in manufacture of special-purpose rail tank cars. Their usability surpasses that of both domestic and foreign market counterparts.

We are proud of the first Russian aluminum-bodied hopper car, which was first designed, manufactured and certified in Russia by our company. We are sure that it’s a dawn of a new day in domestic freight car manufacturing.


RM Rail grain hoppers make their contribution to the delivery of vital cargoes. One of the most popular models has the largest volume for today - 127 cubic meters. Another model from the same family holds 107 cubic meters of bulk cargo and in equal measure can be used as a mineral hopper.

40ft, 60ft and 80ft flat cars can be used for transportation of large-tonnage containers, defense machinery or package cargo - at customer's option. Removable corner fittings allow to put on the flat car, among other things, containers of various modifications, which makes the use of such cars much more efficient.

Classic gondolas and improved box car models – to your choice. Here, the clear frontrunner is auto carrier with the best technical characteristics in Russia. It is eagerly sought by the vast majority of operators and is up to world standards.