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Professional Training


Professional Training

People are our most valuable asset. Therefore, investing in our employees, we build a solid foundation for our common future victories. Professional advancement opportunity is always a priority of active and goal-oriented people, which is why we give our employees every chance for their development, mastering new and allied professions.

We offer training programs covering a broad array of topics - from field-specific to those needed for all categories of personnel. We bring up leaders dedicated to their job and striving for greater workplace efficiency.

Our system of training programs is built on the foundation of specific production tasks. It is based on simple and easy to implement approaches:

  • continuity: training is part of everyday activities;
  • results orientation: training is directly related to the company’s business goals;
  • availability: each employee is entitled to undergo a training program in his area of expertise;
  • flexibility: training is built in accordance with the projected demand of businesses for qualified specialists considering introduction of new technologies and product types;
  • relevance: training uses up-to-date active teaching methods (business simulation games, project work).