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Equipment for processing and storage of petrochemical and other products

Equipment for processing and storage of petrochemical and other products

Equipment for the oil and gas

RM Rail Ruzkhimmash manufactures and supplies equipment for the oil and gas, oil refining and chemical industries. These are gas tank containers, filters, unit equipment and various types of vessels for oil dehydration and demineralization, gas treatment, product storage, as well as a wide range of heat-exchange equipment and evaporation plants.

Production experience allows processing carbon, low alloy and corrosion resistant steels, and undertake manufacture of any complexity products of 1 to 250 cubic meters volume.

New models are custom developed by specialists of our own engineering center, which allows us to quickly adapt the design documentation for production, perform continuous quality monitoring, optimize costs at each project phase.

Long-term experience in manufacturing storage equipment combined with multi-stage quality control make our products reliable and safe.

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Vertical Steel Tanks (VST)

RM Rail RVS is a modern full-cycle enterprise that specializes in the manufacture of vertical steel welded tanks with their subsequent installation.

VSTs are a sought-after product for oil and gas businesses, they are also used to store drinking and industrial water, alcohol and ammonia, grain.

The steel structures of 100 to 50,000 cubic meters volume are produced using plate-by-plate, coiling or combined assembly methods.

Using state-of-the-art precision machinery and combining the best industry practices, we provide precision machining tolerances on construction dimensions.

RM Rail RVS performs full scope of work, i.e. design, manufacture and installation of the steel plate structures at customer's site.

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