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RM Rail has certifies flat car for timber, pipe and container transportation

RM Rail, the leading Russian manufacturer of freight rolling stock, has certified its model 13-1289 flat car for transportation of timber, pipes, and containers for compliance with TR CU 001/2011.

Model 13-1289 is a unique product developed by RM Rail. Its key advantage is versatility: it enables transportation of timber that is 2.5 to 13.4 m long, of pipes with a length of up to 13 m and with a diameter of up to 1,420 mm, general-purpose, isothermal and tank containers for pressurized liquids, gases, and loose goods (standard sizes 1АА, 1А, 1А, 1АХ with a gross weight of maximum 36 t; 1СС, 1С, 1СХ with a gross weight within their loading capacity, but maximum 36 t).

The 1-T size allowed to reach the internal volume of 126 cubic m. This is the highest value in the 23.5 tf rolling stock segment. The specific flat car feature is that the end walls and side supports for timber and pipes are removable, which improves the car maintainability and reduces repair costs. The flat car frame design without any center sill is also unique, which contributes to increased reliability of the car in operation.

Carrying capacity of the flat car is 70 t, its service life is 32 years, and its design speed is 120 km/h.

04/05/2023 All news