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RM Rail certifies hopper car for mineral fertilizer transportation

Its design includes an innovative bogie with a load capacity of 25 tf
RM Rail, the Russia's leading freight rolling stock manufacturer, has certified its aluminum-alloy model 19-1299 hopper car for transportation of mineral fertilizers. Its design includes an innovative bogie with a load capacity of 25 tf.
The rail car body is made of the modern aluminum alloy 1581 with scandium. Scandium-containing alloys were first used in space exploration in Russia. Their main advantage is high strength, lightness and weldability, which made it possible to reduce the tare weight (up to 21 tons) and to significantly increase the load capacity of the model (up to 79 tons). The body capacity is 111 cubic m. This is the best performance in the line of similar models for now.
The unique hopper car design allows the entire body capacity to be used, while the continuous loading opening eliminates the need for any additional maneuvering during loading. There are no steel elements inside the body: it is attached to the frame from the outside. Thanks to this, it is not susceptible to electrochemical corrosion in the areas where aluminum joins with steel.
The rail car is designed for transportation of a wide range of mineral fertilizers and can also be used for transportation of other non-hazardous bulk items, for example, alumina.

Sergei Drobzhev, First Deputy CEO at RM Rail, says that
"Our company continues to expand the use of innovative aluminum alloys in rail car construction, offering some unique rolling stock that guarantees maximum efficiency and reliability in operation to our customers. This year, we have developed and manufactured three new models of aluminum alloy products. These solutions reduce the cost of freight transportation and fully meet the demand for the renewal of the freight rolling stock fleet in Russia. We are confident that our developments will be appreciated by the market."
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