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RM Rail to supply WTG Group with flat cars for large-capacity containers

RM Rail, Russia's leading manufacturer of freight rolling stock, has signed a contract with WTG railway transportation group for the supply of 40-foot flat cars for transportation of various-size containers and tank containers for hazardous goods due for shipment in Q2 2023.

High reliability of cargo attachment while in transport is the key competitive advantage of this flat car. It has strength-strength fixed sliding supports and special tie-down devices that enable stronger attachment of containers to the flat cat in adverse weather conditions. Load capacity of the car is 72 tons, its axle load is 23.5 tf, and its service life is 32 years.

Aleksandr Kulikov, Deputy CEO for Sales at RM Rail, says that
"RM Rail and WTG have a long history of successful cooperation. During this time, several projects have been implemented jointly, resulting in one-of-a-kind freight rolling stock with unique specification. We especially appreciate the customers who set high standards both for themselves and their partners because such cooperation greatly expands the scope of competences and allows the business to reach new levels. I am sure new ambitious tasks and brilliant solutions are awaiting us."

Olga Yakimova, WTG CEO, says that
"Provision of freight cars for lease is WTG's main business. Which is why, the high quality and better technical and commercial features of the rolling stock are important to us. The changes in the rail freight market in recent years and our ambitious goals require us to enter new markets and expand the fleet in demand by our customers. We decided to purchase the rail cars from RM Rail because we consider them out strategic partner and a supplier of quality products. We plan to continue our partnership and implement successful projects together. Russian WTG continues to operate effectively, while adhering precisely to its strategic plans. The departure of our foreign investor had no effect on our operations."

This is not the first order of model 13-1258-01 flat cars in cooperation between RM Rail and WTG. A similar contract for manufacturing of 250 units of rolling stock was implemented in 2022. The model 19-1217 hoppers for cement transportation, model 15-1200-02 and 15-1209 tanks for LPG transportation, as well as tanks for oil products of various modifications have been manufactured for WTG previously.

04/14/2023 All news