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RM Rail certifies 25 tf rail car bogie

The project was implemented jointly with St. Petersburg State Transport University
RM Rail, the leading Russian freight rolling stock manufacturer, has obtained a certificate of compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (TR CU) for its model 18-9891 bogie of its in-house design with a 25 tf loading capacity (type 3, GOST 9246-2013).

The bogie has a conventional three-piece layout and consists of a cast bolster and side frames, central leaf spring suspension, wheel pairs with adapters and cassette bearings, removable rubber-sprung slack-free bearers, and brake lever transmission. The design bogie speed is 120 km/h. Service life of the side frame and the bolster is 32 years. Standard time between repairs of the bogie before the first repair is 500 thousand km, or 6 years.

Thanks to the improvements, the car negotiates curves better, and the wear of its wheel flanges and rail side surfaces is significantly reduced. Dynamic loads on the side frames are reduced, while their service life is increased. Noise and vibrations are now kept to a minimum, which is especially important when a train moves near residential areas. The central spring leaf suspension ensures efficient cushioning for empty, low- and fully laden rail cars.

The project was implemented jointly with St. Petersburg State Transport University. A hopper car for transportation of mineral fertilizers made of aluminum alloys will become the first shot in the line of innovative rail cars using the 18-9891 bogie.
Rail car monitoring and diagnostics system called the Digital Smart Rail Car was tested together with the bogie. RM Rail is thus taking another step in the implementation of its rolling stock digitalization strategy.

Sergey Drobzhev, First Deputy CEO of RM Rail, says that
"The innovative bogie provides the company with great opportunities to expand the line of its modern high-tech rolling stock. In particular, it can be used under articulated rail cars. The bogie elements are designed for an axle load of 27 tf, which means that it can be used for heavy-duty rolling stock subject to its configuration being changed.
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