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Environmental protection and energy conservation


We seek to make our production facilities maximally safe for both the people working here and the environment.

Our goal is to achieve a good balance between the company business interests and the environmental impact that we make anyway. It is imperative for us to clearly comply with the national environmental legislation requirements, and we do comply. Our environmental management system meets ISO 14001-2007 requirements and its effectiveness is confirmed by an independent audit.

RM Rail enterprises implement annual targeted environmental protection programs - they help to control and reduce the level of negative impact on the environmental health of the region. What is the essence of these programs? It is the constant study of air, soil and water in our enterprises’ zone of influence. We carry out continuous monitoring of environmental indicators, and its results show that our production facilities comply with acceptable levels of environmental impact.

Energy saving is another key task that we set ourselves as the largest industrial company. Our processes are energy-intensive, so we are constantly improving the system of organizational and technical measures to reduce energy consumption.

How do we do it

  • we introduce state-of-the-art energy-efficient equipment for lighting, melting and welding;
  • we use heat-insulating materials;
  • we use automated fiscal metering system for electricity.
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