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Customer Focus


We are encouraged by customer needs. We believe that the ability to listen to customers is our essential feature, and we appreciate our partners’ noting it.

We strive to be mobile, respond to time challenges and market needs, predict trends for several years to come. And if the customer supports us all along, if he acts as a co-author of the developments, this can be definitely called the shortest path to victory.

Not incidentally, the central part of our logo depicts an automatic coupler artistically transformed into a symbolic handshake. It reflects openness to cooperation and trust, meaning that the customer’s interests are put at the forefront of the Company’s strategy, and creation of a full-value fellow thinkers team is put at the heart of the corporate environment.

Quality as the Cornerstone

Quality is the cornerstone of our attitude to work, products and partners. We consider it the key pre-requisite for market promotion.

It is important for us to follow and implement international standards for the railway industry, including IRIS.

Unified manufacturing system (MS) common for all enterprises of the company helps a lot in achieving maximum quality values. These are comprehensive ideas, rules, principles and tools for organizing production, management and development of personnel, which provide the highest level of productivity, safety and advancement at the lowest possible cost. They are shared by each employee at all levels of the business – horizontally and vertically.