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Box car

  • Increased load capacity: 68 t
  • Enlarged door opening: 4050х2830 mm
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Load capacity, t 68
Tare weight, t, min/max 25/26
Body capacity, m3: full 174
Axle load, tf 23,5
Loading gauge, GOST 9238-83 1-T
Floor area, m2 52,8
Length between truck centers, mm 14200
Lenght over couplers, mm 19500  
Height above top of rail, max, mm 4830
Barrel inside diameter, mm 3280
Number of loading hatches, pcs:
on the roof (upon customer request)
on the side wall
Body internal length, mm  18270   
Body internal width, mm
Body height over cantrail, mm
Body height internal max, mm
Door opening dimensions, mm
Service life, years

The roof is equipped with four loading hatches and ladders, the side walls are equipped with ventilation hatches that can be used as loading hatches.

The door design allows for inner lining of up to 10 mm thickness.

Direct ingress of moisture inside the car body is excluded.

Connections of the side and end walls with the frame and with each other, as well as with the roof, are made in such a way as to compensate as much as possible for significant probable deviations in the overall dimensions of the main units.

Connection of the roof with the end wall. Connection of the roof with the side wall.

Increased floor area of 52.8 square meters enables accommodation of 42 Euro pallets, 34 Industrial pallets or 28 Asian pallets.

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