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RM RAIL has certified new types of railway car repair

VKM Service LLC, part of the RM RAIL company received certification from the Federal Agency for Railway Transport to conduct repair works on three new models of rolling stock.

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RM RAIL has certified a freight car for transportation of vegetable oils

RM RAIL company has certified a car for vegetable oil within the framework of the contract with the Joint Transport-Forwarding Company" («OTEKO»). The car of 15-1210-1P model has been designed on the basis of a tank for viscous oil products. The steam jacket allows transport of all kinds of solidifying oils, including peanut, mustard, cedar, coconut, soy, linseed, etc. The model fully complies with the sanitary-epidemiological norms and requirements of the Customs Union on transportation of food cargoes.

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RM RAIL has won the tender to supply equipment for Rosneft

RM RAIL has won the tender from Rosneft to manufacture five vehicles OV-200. The equipment is designed for Vankorneft CJSC. Deliveries must be completed before the end of May 2015.

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