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RM RAIL has certified new types of railway car repair

VKM Service LLC, part of the RM RAIL company received certification from the Federal Agency for Railway Transport to conduct repair works on three new models of rolling stock.

Enterprise VKM-Service, part of the RM RAIL company, has announce that they have received the necessary certificate from the Federal Agency for Railway Transport to conduct repair works on new models of rolling stock.. The number of certified services includes overhaul repairs of universal platforms, depot repairs of hopper cars for the transportation of grain and fertilizers.

Production base of VKM-Service includes all major technological innovations to implement such services. The plant carries out depot and overhaul repairs of open box cars, oil petroleum cars, cement carriers, metal box cars; depot repairs of fitting and universal platforms; incoming inspection of the braking equipment; repair and inspection of wheel pairs. The total repair capacity is 1 800 cars per year. VKM-Service specialises in the production of boiler valves for tank cars, implements the modernisation of cars and is developing the warranty service of RM RAIL products.

Ravil Subaev, CEO of VKM-Service:

-We have created a modern service centre in the rail centre of Volga-Ruzaevka with convenient logistics, and we believe that the opportunities to carry out new types of repairs stimulate demand for our services. All works are carried out strictly in accordance with the approved technical documentation that guarantees a high quality of repairs.

03/04/2015 All news