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Tank car for transportation of light oil products

  • Zero backlash drawbar coupler
  • Efficient performance due to payload to tare weight ratio reduction
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Load capacity, t 145,5
Barrel capacity, m3 192
Lenght over couplers, mm 24040
Tare weight, t, min/max 23,8/25,3 
Half-lenght between truck centers (lenght between truck centers of the one tank car section), mm 8000
Barrel inside diameter, maximum (in middle part of the barrel), mm 3400
Barrel inside diameter, maximum (in cantilever part of the barrel), mm 3260

Distinctive feature of this design is the use of two barrels connected via SSD zero backlash drawbar coupler manufactured by Wabtec (USA).

Zero backlash drawbar coupler design ensures smooth passage of hump yards, ramps and horseshoe curves, while the original tank design with half-frames gives 192 m3 total barrel volume and 145.5 t load capacity, whereas the tank car tare weight does not exceed 52 tons.

Load capacity increased up to 145.5 t at 25 t (+20%) axle load.

Тпр loading gauge is applied.

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