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Tank car for transportation of cement

Load capacity, t 60
Tare weight, t. min 26
Barrel capacity, m3: full 52
Axle load, tf 210,75 (21,5)
Length between truck centers, mm 7120
Length over couplers, mm 12020
Height above top of rail, max, mm 4460
Barrel inside diameter, mm 2800
Service life, years 30

The internal design of the barrel includes a system of slopes, trays and pipes for compressed air supply. The central part of the barrel is equipped with an unloading unit, through which the cargo is unloaded on either side of the tank car or on both sides simultaneously.

The barrel has an onboard unloading control panel with a compressed air supply connection, a manifold header and a system of shut-off valves.

The cargo is discharged pneumatically, at compressed air pressure of 2 kgf/cm2.

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