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Tank car for transportation of liquid electrode coal-tar asphalt

  • Increased load capacity: 69.5 t
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Load capacity, t 69,5
Tare weight, t, min/max 29,5/30,5
Barrel capacity, m3: full 63,1
Loading gauge, GOST 9238-83 1-Т
Length between truck centers, mm
Length over couplers, mm
Type of heating system Electric tubular air heaters
Service life, years 24

Usable barrel capacity increased to 56.8 m3.

Cargo heating temperature control prevents potential tank overheating thus extending its service life.

Seamless barrel insulation provides heat losses avoidance during cargo heating and transportation.
Power supply connection is available on both sides which facilitates connection/ disconnection of steam hoses and discharge metal hoses.

Increased load capacity: 69.5 t.

Usable barrel volume increased to 56.8 m3.

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