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Tank car for transportation of sulfuric acid

  • Operation in a wide temperature range
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Load capacity, t 68
Tare weight, t, max/min 23,9/24,6
Barrel capacity, m3 38,1
Axle load, tf 23,5
Barrel inside diameter, mm 2200
Loading gauge, GOST 9238 02-ВМ
Lenght over couplers, mm 12020
Lenght between truck centers, mm 7800
Height above top of rail, max, mm 4040
Service life, years 18
Tank material, steel grade СТ3СП5

The tank construction includes high-alloy steel which ensures a longer service life (up to 27 years) and a wider operational temperature range (from -60 to +50 degrees С).

Design solutions provide an optimal balance between the barrel volume and load capacity of the tank car.

Transportation of specific types of cargo consistent with their carriage requirements.

Effective use of the tank car load capacity for each specific cargo.

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