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Tank car for transportation of molten sulfur

  • Maximum load capacity among counterparts
  • Advanced barrel heating
  • Uniform heating of the cargo through convection
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Load capacity, t 72,5
Tare weight, t, max 27,5
Barrel capacity, m3: full 44
Axle load, tf 25
Loading gauge, GOST 9238-83 1-Т
Lenght between truck centers, mm 7800
Lenght over couplers, mm 12020
Electric heater yes
Time of keeping cargo in liquid state, days 10

Improved thermal insulation provides for keeping cargo in warm (liquid) state for 6-10 days at an ambient temperature above -40°C.

Stainless steel protective collar under loading hatch prevents sulfur from getting under the insulating jacket helping to prevent its corrosive wear.

Full airflow insulation: wired blankets (top layer - Olefol, bottom layer - woven fiberglass) laid staggered in two overlapping layers.

Use of conventional flanged connections (no ball valves).

Easy removal of holders with tubular electric heaters. Tubular electric heater diameter is 13 mm.

A robust block: aluminum alloy body, glass textolite insulator.

Free access for supplying steam under the insulation jacket in case of ignition of sulfur.

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