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General purpose flat rail car

  • Wood metallic flooring
  • Drop ends and drop sides
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Load capacity, t 72
Tare weight, t, max/min 21/22
Floor area, m2: full 38
Loading gauge, GOST 9238 0-ВМ
Bogies Type 2 GOST 9246
Maximum designed axle load to rails, kN, tf 230,5 (23,5)
Design speed, km/h 120
Height above top of rail, mm 1040...1080
Flooring Wood&metal
Loading height above top of rail, mm 1360
Lenght over couplers, mm 14620
Lenght between truck centers, mm 9720
Maximum width (with open side walls), mm 3150
Coupler type SA-3 with lower limit stop
Corner fittings for containers, pcs 16

The flat car can be used for the needs of network-wide railway transportation.

Stowage and transportation of goods weighing 45 tons on a length of 3 m in the middle, or up to 62 tons on a length of 4.3 m in the middle, two 1C, 1СС standard size containers of up to 36 tons gross weight, as well as tank containers for dangerous goods.

Equipped with compact retractable corner fittings.

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