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Hopper car for transportation of mineral fertilizers with 25 tf axle load

  • Increased load capacity: 78 t
  • Hopper car with aluminum alloy body
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Load capacity, t 78
Tare weight, t, max 22
Body capacity, m3: full 109
Axle load, tf 25
Loading gauge, GOST 9238 1-Т
Lenght between truck centers, mm 10300
Lenght over couplers, mm 14520
Height above top of rail, max, mm 4920
Width, mm      3244
Height above top of rail, max, mm 4615     
Service life, years  32   

Increased body capacity: 109 m3.

The optimal balance between load and body capacity gives, on average, up to 10% transportation cost saving per ton of cargo.

Weldable alloy 1565ch is a multifunctional material that provides the optimal combination of strength and ductility.

Due to its resistance to corrosive media the hopper is suitable for transportation of mineral fertilizers, soda ash, cement and over 50 other types of cargo.

The absence of pockets and sharp corners prevents caking and ratholing of the cargo.

Payload to tare weight ratio is 0.26 or 14% less than that of competitive models.

The car is designed for the use of innovative.

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