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Hopper car for transportation of bulky goods

Load capacity, t 71
Tare weight, t, min/max 22/23
Body capacity, m3: full 107
Axle load, tf 23,5
Loading gauge, GOST 9238 1-Т
Lenght between truck centers, mm 10000
Lenght over couplers, mm 14220
Height above top of rail, max, mm 4920
Width, mm      3250
Number of gates  
loading 4   
unloading  6
Type of unloading mechanism lever screw drive with lean to covers    
Service life, years  26 

Models is intended for bulk transportation of granular coarse crystalline non-caking corrosive mineral fertilizers and other loose powdered raw materials.

They have an internal protective coating of the body, resistant to aggressive environments.

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