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Dump car

  • The largest capacity of transported cargo among counterparts
  • Pneumatic unloading system
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Load capacity, t 66,4
Tare weight, t, min/max 26,5/27,6
Body capacity, m3: full 40
Axle load, kN (tf) 23,5  
Body internal dimensions, mm

Clear lenght      10590
Clear width between cantrails
Height  3530 
Loading gauge, GOST 9238
Service life, years 22

Increased height of the end walls offers a higher "heap” of cargo and helps to transport the cargo without loss in transit.

The presence of "fillers" between the side walls and the floor prevents the spillage of small-sized cargo during transportation.

The dump car design provides the required strength when loading up to 2 tons of lumpy cargoes from a height of 2 m onto a pre-poured fine fraction cargo of at least 300 mm height.

Body tilting angle in unloading up to 45 degrees.

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