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Shift camp

  • Warehouse
  • Dormitory
  • Medical aid post
  • Office block
  • Administration and amenity block
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Layout and design in accordance with the customer's request.

The use of aluminum in the construction increases the service life in harsh outside environment, makes a modular building 10% lighter in weight, reduces transportation and installation costs.

Climatic category is for ambient temperatures from -50°С to + 50°С.

Modular buildings are an optimal solution for rapid arrangement of a temporary housing complex, drilling camp, construction site. Modern construction techniques ensure the quality and speed of the project implementation. Broad options for arrangement of administration and amenity blocks, bath and laundry complexes, dormitories, canteens, fire protection enclosures, medical aid posts, etc.

We are ready to take on a full scope of work of the construction of buildings and furnishing them with utility systems and commercial appliances. A single logistics center enables effective transport combination to deliver the modules by road, sea and rail. Overall, customer expenses are significantly reduced.

Shipment is made both in transpack containers and in assembled state.

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