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Modular buildings

Shift camp

Layout and design in accordance with the customer's request.


Administration and amenity building

Administration and amenity building of modular design is intended to create comfortable working conditions for engineers and workers of an enterprise in different climatic conditions.

Capacity: 50 people


Packaged delivery dormitory building in modular construction includes all the necessary utility systems, furniture, equipment, sanitary appliances, air conditioners, automatic fire alarm system, as well as warning and evacuation management system in case of fire.

Capacity: 200 people


A full-cycle canteen in modular construction is intended to arrange meals for workers of an enterprise in hard-to-reach areas.

Capacity: 50 people

Bath and laundry complex

A modern and engineered solution for arrangement of bath and laundry facilities at rotational work campsites. Complete with up-to-date industrial laundry equipment. Equipped with shower rooms and lounge rooms for personnel on site.