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The Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation has assessed block-frame accommodation modules production technology at RM Rail Abakanvagonmash

RM Rail informs that Sergey Shoigu, the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, has visited RM Rail Abakanvagonmash facility, the purpose of the visit was assessment of technological capabilities of the facility in production of residential block-frame modules.

Within the framework of the working visit to the Central Military District (TsVO), Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu inspected the production of residential block-frame modules at the Abakanvagonmash facility. The meeting was attended by the Head of Khakassia Viktor Zimin, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of RM Rail, Andrey Vodopyanov, Managing Director of the facility Vasily Miroshin and others.

Abakanvagonmash signed contracts with the Ministry of Defense for the supply of equipped mobile structures in 2017. The main competitive advantage of such modules is design and manufacturing for specific customer requirements, rate of installation, the ability to transfer buildings without loss of functionality and low cost of delivery. Long-term experience, developed technologies and competencies in the production of a wide range of containers allowed the company to master the production of mobile block-frame buildings for various purposes that are on a par with European analogues. Today they are already used in units of the Southern and Central Military Districts.

During inspection, the delegation members checked how the facility is executing the current contract. It was noted that it is implemented in accordance with all requirements for volumes, terms and quality. Various solutions for improving the design were discussed, as well as the possibility of expanding supplies for the needs of the Russian army.

Andrey Vodopyanov, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, RM Rail:

- Of course, it is important for us to fulfill the contract of the Ministry of Defense on time and in accordance with the technical assignment, but the priority for us is how comfortable our modules will be in use. Abakanvagonmash constantly expands the production base, turns to various engineering solutions. Today we offer a single service solution - modular buildings are equipped with furniture and appliances, decorated with modern materials, equipped with the necessary operating systems. This is not just temporary, but full, comfortable and safe housing, in which you feel at home.

02/16/2018 All news