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The CEO of RM Rail and the Governor of Mordovia discussed the current situation in the company

The Governor of Mordovia Vladimir Volkov held a working meeting with the CEO of the RM Rail company Pavel Ovchinnikov. The current situation in the entities of holding, and also actions for turn to pre-crisis production volumes was discussed. General fall of economy, surplus of railway vehicles made this year difficult for the Russian car manufacturer. In the words of Pavel Ovchinnikov, now the company reconstructed production in such a way that can make in the shortest possible time any kinds of cars and completely cope with demand.

Today the product line it is more than 65 models of railway vehicles, including unique. In May "Ruzkhimmash" presented to clients a prototype of the Russia's first mineral wagon with a body from aluminum alloys. The innovation was already estimated by prime vendors of mineral fertilizers and the largest railway operators. The entity concluded the memorandum of cooperation providing deliveries of such hopper cars with the EuroChem company. Along with it car manufacturer agreed with "Transoil" about creation of tanks from aluminum alloys. Sale borders extend – the Mordovian cars are bought by Kazakhstan, Belarus, Cuba, Turkey. Perspective segment ‒ equipment for the petrochemical and gas industry. With the assistance of the Government of Mordovia the project on production of reservoirs air prepares for start.

Reorientation of production goes also on "VKM-Steel". Release of 172 new product positions for "RM Terex" - business of Russian Machines corporation is successfully completed. Among other perspective projects – production the support arms for "RUSAL", weights for "Gazprom", cast iron for engines of the Yaroslavl motor plant.

Vladimir Volkov in details discussed with Pavel Ovchinnikov further steps on stabilization of a situation in the entities of holding. The head of the republic emphasized: important not only to keep production, but also to do everything possible for its development.

10/06/2015 All news