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Ruzkhimmash organizes refreshment training of personnel as part of “Promotion of Employment” federal project

Ruzkhimmash, the main enterprise of RM Rail, a leading manufacturer of freight rolling stock in Russia, has organized training for 50+ years old employees as part of the federal program “Promotion of Employment” (national project “Demography”). A special school was opened at the corporate Knowledge and Skills Factory site for this purpose.

The training course is dedicated to product quality inspection in machine building. The educational module was developed by the company’s specialists together with scientists from Ruzaevsky Institute of Mechanical Engineering (a branch of Moscow State University named after N.P. Ogarev).

Theoretical classes are held at the Knowledge and Skills Factory, hands-on training is conducted on the job. In addition, tasks are given for independent work that must be completed at home.

The training will last for two months. Based on the results of qualification, the program participants will receive professional improvement certificates.

Valery Larin, Ruzkhimmash Managing Director:

- Professional training of Ruzkhimmash employees is our priority. Today we are taking part in a federal project through which product quality inspection employees aged 50 and over will be able to get a collateral speciality skill. The training will help update knowledge, improve performance efficiency, and most importantly, it will have a positive impact on the finished goods quality, which is crucial for both the manufacturer and the buyer. At the same time, we are solving the employment issue.

Vladimir Kechemaikin, Director of Ruzaevsky Institute of Mechanical Engineering:

- This is a remarkably interesting experience for us. Together with Ruzkhimmash engineers, we have developed the curriculum in such a way that the training is as close as possible to the needs of a specific shop floor, a specific production area. It is worth remembering that we are teaching the people of 50+ age. On the one hand, they have a vast experience of working in production, on the other hand, they need to have a fundamental theoretical background. Science does not stand still, bringing in new methods and systems that one has to learn to be able to use them successfully in daily activities.

06/29/2021 All news