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Ruzkhimmash and Sberbank to implement joint go green initiatives in the Republic of Mordovia

Ruzkhimmash JSC, the parent enterprise of RM Rail company, and Mordovia Branch of PJSC Sberbank have launched an environmental program. The large-scale project will involve not only the employees of the plant and the bank, but all residents of Ruzaevsky district willing to contribute to nature conservation.

“Environmental commitment is the only right way to preserve the world around us. As a local economic mainstay of Ruzaevsky district, Ruzkhimmash feels great responsibility for the quality of life in this area. The co-project with Sberbank is a good example of how business jointly solves very important tasks. I am sure that by joint efforts we will be able to deliver valuable upside to the residents of our district,” said Valery Larin, Managing Director of Ruzkhimmash.

“ESG agenda has an important place in Sberbank’s strategy and culture. It covers all aspects, from working with external clients and investors to each employee’s behavior model. Personally, I am very glad that in the persons of RM Rail and Ruzkhimmash leadership we have found true co-thinkers who share our values. The first step of the program implementation will be planting of trees on Mashinostroiteley Avenue in Ruzayevka. In the future, we will implement other joint projects,” says Anna Saleeva, Sberbank Mordovia Branch Manager.

03/23/2021 All news