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RM RAIL will manufacture railway cars for transporting methanol for the Neftetransport company

RM Rail will deliver Neftetransport with100 railway cars for transportation of methanol and ammonia water. Water solution of ammonia was included in the nomenclature of transported cargoes for the 15-1240 model, in the end of 2014, along with this the potential for further expansion of the list of transported products was established. The reliability of the tank design has been confirmed by many years of use on the 1520 track.

Carrying capacity of the car is 65 tonnes, tare mass min/max-27.2/28 tonnes, boiler capacity is 82 cub. m, GOST 9238-83-1-T, car base-788 mm.

Alexander Kulikov, Chief Sales Manager for RM Rail:

-The client was pleased with the first batch of our products and has chosen our company for further collaboration. Our railway cars combine opportunities for the transportation of a range of cargoes from one manufacturer-both methanol and ammonia water; this allows carriers to significantly reduce their rolling-stock fleet.

05/14/2015 All news