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RM Rail totals up its charities for the year

RM Rail, a leading freight rolling stock manufacturer in Russia, summarized the results of its 2021 charitable assistance program. The total amount of assistance provided was about 7 million rubles.

The company’s key initiatives are aimed at supporting and funding social and sports programs for employees and their families, improving local infrastructure and protecting the environment.

The company contributes primarily to the development of Ruzaevsky district, where the key asset of the company, Ruzhimmash JSC, is located. This year, more than 4 million rubles were allocated for the development of the district's infrastructure. To commemorate the town’s 390th anniversary, RM Rail has provided the administration of Ruzayevka Urban Settlement with a modern “Belarus” tractor, which became a useful aid in urban cleaning.

The company supported Ruzaevsky district residents’ initiative to remediate the local water body near the village Yuryevka and Khimmash settlement. Shortly before the New Year, a decision was made to allocate 1.950 million rubles for the implementation of the project first stage - design documentation and environmental expert review.

Another area of charitable assistance is the support of sponsored social children’s institutions. This year Krasnoslobodskaya, Povodimovskaya boarding schools and rehabilitation center “Solnyshko” in Ruzaevka also received assistance in the form of purchased furniture, repair and construction materials, as well as sanitary appliances. On the eve of the most fabulous holiday, pupils of sponsored social institutions, as well as Insar district kindergarten, received sweet gifts and educational books from President of RM Rail Holding, Konstantin Danilov.

Konstantin Danilov, President of RM Rail Holding:

- RM Rail’s sustainability is related to the well-being of the regions of the Company's presence, which we support through social programs and development projects. This year, we allocated about 7 million rubles for good deeds. It is important for us not only to produce high-quality products, but also to provide assistance to those who need it most.

12/23/2021 All news