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RM Rail started the line production of pitch tank cars

RM Rail has started the line production of tanker cars for the transportation of coal-tar pitch (model 15-1257).

Line production was initiated when the RM Rail Ruzhimmash plant acquired the proper certificate to manufacture tanker cars for the transportation of liquid pitch. The plant has already manufactured 120 units, and 200 more are planned to be manufactured before the end of the year.

This car for transporting liquid pitch is unique in several features, including a seamless thermal chamber, control over heating the cargo, and quick connection and disconnection of steam hoses and drain metal hoses. Compared to similar models, the carrying capacity of a pitch tank car has been increased up to 70 t, the usable volume is now up to 56.8 cbm, the tare weight – 30.5 t, and the dimensions – 1 Т.

This model comes equipped with a bogie that can hold a maximum weight of 25 ts (18-194-1) manufactured by the Scientific and Production Corporation UralVagonZavod, which can handle up to 500,000 km between repairs and decrease overall impact on the railway tracks.

Andrei Vodopyanov, RM Rail Business Development Director:

- In a short period of time we have managed to introduce the market to a new generation model that replaces and outperforms from a technical perspective the older cars. Our new model ensures that all transportation is safe and cost-effective thanks to the innovative bogie and a number of other structural design solutions in the upper structure. RM Rail Ruzhimmash is ready to manufacture any size order of pitch tank cars.

02/03/2016 All news