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RM Rail returned to production of industrial filters

RM Rail has returned to production of industrial filtration equipment at RM Rail Ruzchimmash plant.

The company RM Rail has launched the production of filtration equipment designed for industrial cleaning of gases and liquids from impurities. Filters are manufactured by the Ruzchimmash plant, the project's customer is the Technohim EC (St. Petersburg).

Andrey Goryunov, Sales Director, Petrochemical Equipment, RM Rail:

- The experience of Ruzchimmash makes it possible to master a wide range of filters and produce products in volumes that can satisfy customer demand. The internal devices for filters are delivered by design companies, and "Ruzkhimmash" produces the filter body and performs its final assembly including all tests. Due to this format, we supply the customer with a turn-key product.

Under the contract, 8 oil separators-filters of 0.5 cubic meters volume were produced. Cartridge elements are used as internals. Apparatuses are intended for application in process units of chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas processing and other industries. They serve for the removal of suspended particles (mechanical impurities and a dropping liquid) of more than 0.1 μm from the gas medium with an efficiency of up to 99.9%. The products have passed mandatory certification.

02/12/2018 All news