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RM Rail resumes production of heat-exchange equipment

RM Rail resumes production of heat-exchange equipment. By order of Experimental Plant Neftekhim, the company will produce 800TNG heat exchanger at its Ruzchimmash plant.

RM Rail resumes production of heat exchangers as part of the contract with JSC Experimental Plant Neftekhim located in Ufa. RM Rail Ruzchimmash will supply the customer with a 800TNG heat exchanger made of stainless steel. The documentation is developed by RM Rail Engineering, the production is carried out by RM Rail Ruzchimmash. The plant is ready to produce more than 10 heat exchanger modifications of 1 to 250 cubic meter volume - vertical, horizontal, with elliptical bottoms. The equipment can be made of carbon, low-alloy and corrosion-resistant steels.

The heat exchangers are used in regions with moderate and tropical microclimate conditions, they are designed for installation in geographic areas with up to magnitude 7 Richter scale seismicity. Material of construction: steel 3,09Г2С, 12Х18Н1ОТ.

Heat-exchange equipment is in demand in the nuclear industry, oil refining, municipal services, food industry.

Andrei Goryunov, RM Rail Sales Director, Petrochemical Equipment:

- Ruzchimmash has extensive experience in manufacturing heat-exchange equipment. We intend to regain leadership in this segment in the nearest future. We have our own engineering center, vast production facilities. We are ready to realize any of the customer’s wishes and ensure high product quality.

09/18/2017 All news