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RM Rail raises employee wages

RM Rail, a leading freight rolling stock manufacturer in Russia, raises employee pay once again. From May 1, it will be increased by 7%. It is the third wage indexation since 2021.

Earlier in 2021-2022, the company has indexed pay rates of direct labor hourly, salaried and indirect labor employees. Growth was 10% or more. From May 1, there will be another 7% pay increase for all RM Rail employees. This measure is supposed to compensate for accelerating inflation observed in Russia since the beginning of the year and secure a competitive labor market wage level in the regions of the company’s presence.

Inclusive of the three stages of increase, direct labor average wages will reach 64 thousand rubles, with the company-wide average of 58 thousand rubles. In addition, last month employees were awarded with 2021 performance bonus. The benefits package has been significantly expanded: additional canteens, laundries, medical aid posts have been opened. Employees are provided with lunch allowance, company vehicles, provisions for attending cultural, entertainment, sporting events, arrangements for children’s leisure.

Irina Matrosova, RM Rail HR Director:

- Our capacities are permanently utilized, production targets are met, the effective performance results in expansion of social support for employees. After a two-stage indexation, it was decided to make another wage increase which applies to over 7,000 people in Mordovia and Khakassia. Let me emphasize that our social obligations are evolved not on a merely regional basis, but at the country’s largest industrial complexes level.

04/27/2022 All news