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RM Rail presents two new aluminum rolling stock models

RM Rail, the Russia's leading manufacturer of freight rolling stock, presented its new products made of aluminum alloys today: a tank rail car for concentrated nitric acid and a tank container for liquefied natural gas. Both models are superior to their existing counterparts in terms of their key parameters.

The ceremony was attended by the Head of the Republic of Mordovia Artyom Zdunov, RM CEO Rail Maksim Tevs, and JSC Russian Railways officials.

Model 15-1232-05 tank rail car for concentrated nitric acid is made of grade 1407 aluminum alloy with high corrosion resistance in aggressive environments comparable to pure aluminum, while surpassing it in strength more than twofold. Reduced thickness of its walls helped lighten the structure to 21.4 tons (-3.6 t compared with its counterparts) and to increase the load capacity to 78.6 tons (+3.6 t) with an axle load of 25 tf. Volume of the tank barrel is increased to 61, 8 cubic m (+7 cubic m compared with its counterparts). The service life of the tank is 40 years.

The AKC-SPG42.7 tank container for liquefied natural gas transportation and storage is made of grade 1581 aluminum alloy, similar to the material of the hopper rail car for transportation of minerals presented in the spring of this year. Its key advantages are the increased service life of the structure of 30 years (+10 years compared with its counterparts), tare weight reduced to 12.2 tons (-15%), and increased reliability thanks to the use of advanced welding procedures. Technical solutions in terms of attachment of the inner vessel made it possible to increase its volume to 42.7 cubic m (+2.7 cubic meters compared with its steel counterparts manufactured in Russia).

Artyom Zdunov, Head of the Republic of Mordovia, says that
"RM Rail is a reliable partner of the Republic on many topics: industrial, economic and social ones. Six months ago, we saw the first aluminum-alloy hopper rail car, and now we have two more new models. This shows that in these most extraordinary of times, the company is innovating, developing, and feeling the market. There is a skills factory at the plant, and its personnel is undergoing constant training. I think it shows great success releasing a new model every six months.

Maksim Tevs, RM Rail CEO, says that
"Our company continues to expand the use of innovative aluminum alloys in rail car construction. This year, we have developed and manufactured three new models of aluminum alloy products. For RM Rail, an innovative product is the one that meets and even exceeds our customers' expectations, giving them the capabilities that no one has ever been able to give before. It is this criterion that underlies the development of the new rolling stock. The desires and needs of the freight market, the demands of our valued customers and partners. Today, you can see them embodied in metal and in exact numbers: increased load capacity, reliability, service life, and maximum efficient performance. These solutions reduce the cost of freight transportation and fully meet the demand for the renewal of the freight rolling stock fleet in Russia. I am sure that the result of this work will be appreciated by the market, our partners and clients. I want to assure you that RM Rail will continue to offer only the best and most efficient models.

Presentation of new unique rail cars is an important event for the company also because it confirms the highest level of professionalism of RM Rail team. A successful launch of a project is backed by a lot of work of the entire team of the company, and the professionals trained well in their areas of expertise have played their role at each stage of manufacturing. I would like to thank everyone for their hard work and the excellent product created by their skillful hands."

10/21/2022 All news