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RM Rail presents to its customers the latest models of rail cars for transportation of bulk cargoes

RM Rail have presented to their customers the latest hopper cars for transportation of bulky goods (models 19-1273 (-01) and 19-1274 (-01)). They are manufactured by Ruzkhimmash.

RM Rail presented to potential buyers a hopper car in four types of construction. The models are intended for transportation of mineral fertilizers or grain. Totally, the list of cargoes includes 78 items. Depending on customer's request, hoppers can have a classic axle load of 23.5 tf or be equipped with a 25 tf axle load bogie of increased carrying capacity.

The internal protective coating is resistant to corrosive media and is suitable for transporting food products. The cubic capacity of 107 m3 meets most of market demands, and the tare weight is featured by a minimum value (23 t) among steel body counterparts.

The hoppers are intended for use on the entire 1520 mm track gauge railway network, including Russia, the CIS countries, the Baltic states and Georgia. The manufacturer guarantees reliable operation in the temperature range from minus 60°C to plus 50°C.

Alexander Kulikov, RM Rail Deputy General Director, Sales:

- Our bulk cargoes product line has been added with a new product. Whereas earlier we offered models with a minimum (105 m3) or maximum (127 m3) cubic capacity, now we have derived the formula for an ideal average body volume of 107 m3, which is supposed to attract many market players. Even now we see the interest of potential buyers, since the development was based on their preferences, among other things. We plan to start serial production in early 2020.

11/22/2019 All news