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RM Rail presents latest models of freight rail cars and LNG tank container at PRO//Motion.Expo

RM Rail, a leading rolling stock manufacturer in Russia, will present the latest show-pieces of railway vehicles at the International Railway Fair in the area 1520 “PRO//Motion.Expo”. The event will take place on August 26-29 in Shcherbinka near Moscow.

RM Rail exposition occupies a traditional place in the exhibition pavilions and includes the largest number of full-scale samples in the entire history of the company’s participation in the event.

RM Rail presents rail tank car model 15-1286-01 for transportation of chemical cargoes. The tank car is fitted with a steam jacket: it provides heating of products that solidify at low temperatures. Compared to counterparts, the load capacity has been increased to 73 tons, the barrel volume - up to 88.1 cubic meters. The tank car is able to transport 96 permitted types of cargo of 1.0358 t/m3 maximum density. The tank car loading gage is 1-T, service life is 32 years.

The tank car is equipped with a fundamentally new 25 tf axle load bogie, model 18-9891 (type 3, GOST 9246-2013). RM Rail Engineering acted as the sponsor of the project with the involvement of St. Petersburg State Transport University. The development meets the key technical requirements embedded in the industry advancement strategy. On the one hand, the bogie has less impact on the track, even compared to the axle load of 23.5 tf. On the other hand, it is designed in such a way as to minimize the wear of wheel flanges in operation, which significantly reduces the need for spare parts and repairs.

The company sees the bogie as the “people’s vehicle” and is ready to provide technical documentation for manufacturing, repair and maintenance, exempting users from royalty payments. The solebar and bolster service life is 32 years. The overhaul mileage of the bogie before the first repair is 500 thousand km or 5 years.

The next model of rolling stock is already familiar to the market: it’s an 80ft flat car

for transportation of large-tonnage containers, model 13-1284-02. Changes in the design resulted in higher carrying capacity of the flat car with the same metal intensity, making it able to transport 36 tons gross weight containers.

The flat car load capacity is 69 tons, loading gauge 1-T, length between truck centers 19,000 mm, service life 32 years. The model is equipped with corner fittings, including 4 fixed, 6 double hinged, 8 single hinged corner fittings. The cargo stowage scheme has been supplemented: it has 18 ways of placing containers, including those of 45 feet length.

RM Rail specialists have applied an engineered solution bogie model 18-1277, type 2 GOST 9246-2013. The overhaul mileage between the construction and the first roundhouse servicing has been increased to 500 thousand km, or 5 years. Axle load is 23.5 tf.

The bogie allows the use of several axle box kitting options: an axle box body with double bearings and an adapter with cassette-type bearing units. These bearings are distinguished by high operational reliability and extended service life up to 800 thousand km or 8 years.

The showcase will also include new container models. The first is a 20ft open top container 1ССС PW of 36,000 kg gross weight for transportation of coal. Capacity is 37.5 cubic meters, operational temperature range is from minus 50 to plus 70, the assigned service life is 12 years.

The second is a 20ft container of the same standard size and gross weight but intended for transportation of bulk and packaged cargo on Euro pallets.

For the first time, the company will present a 40ft tank container for receiving, storing and dispensing liquefied natural gas of a 43.5 cubic meters volume. Operational temperature range is from minus 50 to plus 50 degrees, product holding time is over 60 days. The tank container uses domestically produced cryogenic fittings on par with world counterparts in their characteristics. The model ensures that the cargo is fully safe and on specification; it is a brand new product in the Russian market.

You can learn more about RM Rail exposition in pavilions No.2, No.C11/2, in the open area No.os 27. Full-scale samples are located in sector 55/1.

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