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RM Rail opens an R&D center based at Skolkovo regional operator in Mordovia

RM Rail, a leading manufacturer of freight rolling stock in Russia, and the Skolkovo Foundation (VEB.RF Group) signed a partnership agreement. It involves the creation of a research center hosted by Technopark-Mordovia.

The R&D center of RM Rail Holding will be engaged in research activities, and specifically the development of freight rolling stock and large-tonnage containers, including the use of new materials and coatings. This also suggests equipment for oil and gas processing, for storage and transportation of utility products (LNG, hydrogen). The plans include testing with the involvement of accredited test centers and laboratories.

The Skolkovo Foundation is already in relationship with RM Rail Holding: with the support of the regional operator, the company is implementing a capital investment project named “Designing Freight Rail Cars Using 3D Modeling, Texturing and Animation Software”. Furthermore, a machine building industry cluster started to be formed on the base of Technopark, where RM Rail Engineering will be the mainstay.

“Creation of large companies’ research centers on the Skolkovo Foundation regional operators’ sites brings additional value to start-ups too, since they often solve the partner’s technology needs. Our task is to make regional technoparks the heart of an ecosystem, providing seamless support for small companies from idea to implementation and scaling. We see that the interest of new potential partners of the Foundation to localize some of their R&D units is growing from day to day, and we hope that the experience of those who broke the path will be exemplary and empowering to them,” said Oleg Makarov, Deputy Head of the Regional Development Department of the Skolkovo Foundation, Director for Partner Relations.

Konstantin Danilov, President of RM Rail Holding:

- Our goal is not only to develop in the region a large-scale production of freight cars and related products of strategic importance for the country, but to establish an intellectual school with research and development, design and experimental competencies. In this regard, Skolkovo is an irreplaceable partner. We expect that this cooperation will strengthen the performance of our engineering center, and promising projects for the production of cryogenic equipment for LNG and hydrogen will receive additional support.

02/28/2022 All news