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RM Rail increases direct labor wages

RM Rail, a leading rolling stock manufacturer in Russia, has revised the level of wages for their direct hourly paid employees. The higher wage rates are effective at the Company enterprises from August 1.

The company increased wage rates for such key manufacturing professions as electric welders, assembly fitters, casting dressers, painters, etc. This was applied to 3,368 people, almost half of RM Rail total headcount. The average growth was 10% and more. Assuming 100% productivity and adequate product quality, employees will receive their August wages already based on higher rate.

The company has repeatedly revised the level of wages, but it depended on implementation of manufacturing process improvement projects. This mass revision became possible due to stable capacity utilization and growing production volumes of the entire product mix - freight rail cars, castings, petrochemical equipment, containers and modular building blocks.

Irina Matrosova, RM Rail HR Director:

- We try to keep our employees’ wages competitive – it’s one of the main principles of the Company’s HR policy. The decision to change wage rates was taken based on growing labor productivity, improving manufacturing processes, monitoring competitive environment in the regions. All our sites are loaded, additional hiring is open. In addition to financial incentive, we are ready to offer worker jobs training programs, leadership development modules, there are also the Knowledge and Skills Factory and the craftsmen school.

08/19/2021 All news