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RM Rail increased by 8 years the service life of methanol tank car (model 15-1264)

RM Rail - one of Russia leading manufacturers of rolling stock has increased the service life of methanol rail tank car (model 15-1264). It was extended from 24 to 32 years. This makes the tank car the most competitive among counterparts with axial load of 23.5 t-f and over.

The model shows maximum barrel volume and load capacity among counterparts with standard axial load of 23.5 t-f. Load capacity of the tank car is 66.5 tonnes, tare weight is 27.5 tonnes, usable barrel volume is 82.7 m3.

The tank car is developed by AO PM Rail Engineering. Manufacturer is AO Ruzchimmash.

Vyacheslav Mishin, General Director, AO RM Rail Engineering:

- Changing the life along with the other technical characteristics make our car the most effective not only among classic, but also innovative models. And demand for it confirms that the development is fully consistent with the expectations of customers.

11/28/2018 All news