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RM Rail Holds the 68th Meeting of the CIS Carriage Commission

RM Rail Company organized the 68th meeting of the Сarriage Сommission of the CIS Member States Council on Railway Transport, which was held on September 10-12 in Saransk. The meeting was attended by representatives of 13 states, including CIS, the Baltic countries and Georgia.

The event was chaired by Mikhail Sapetov, Head of the Carriage Management Department of the Russian Railways Central Infrastructure Directorate. The Commission discussed 58 points related to operation, maintenance and repair of freight cars on the 1520 track gauge. Experts adopted 81 technical solution that will improve the quality of products and services, enhance road safety, etc.

Irina Chiganashkina, Presidium Member of SRO Union of Railway Operators Market, RM Rail Technical Development Director:

- It is a great honor for us to host an international-level event. The delegations included many representatives of railroad car depots, operator companies who expressed confidence in our cars, foundry products, noted their quality. We hope that in the future this will evolve into more specific negotiations with subsequent contracts.

09/13/2019 All news