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RM Rail has supplied rail cars for ammonia to KuibyshevAzot

RM Rail has accomplished supply of rail tank cars for transportation of ammonia under contract with KuibyshevAzot.

RM Rail has supplied to KuibyshevAzot 350 tank cars for transportation of ammonia (model 15-1288-02). The contract was concluded and accomplished within 2016.

15-1288-02 model is characterized by increased, up to 87 cubic meters, capacity and is able to carry 17 percent higher loads than similar models. The use of high-strength steel provided barrel wall thickness reduction and superstructure diameter extension up to 3200 mm, keeping compliance with all rail car stability requirements. Bolted connection of the arches reduces labor intensity of repair and components replacement. In case of an accident, protective shields eliminate the risk of damage to the tank superstructure.

Additionally, a shipment of rolling stock for oleum transportation (model 15-1224) produced by RM Rail was made to KuibyshevAzot.

Alexander Kulikov, RM Rail Sales Director:

- RM Rail tank car for ammonia is the leader in its segment. Higher cubic capacity and a number of structural improvements significantly increase running efficiency of the car. We will continue to offer our customers new engineering solutions. Our manufacturing capabilities provide production of any rail car lots with high quality and in due time, both for “1520 Space” and for countries with other track gauge standards.

01/18/2017 All news