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RM Rail has supplied petrochemical equipment for Shchekinoazot

RM Rail has accomplished supply of petrochemical equipment for JSC Shchekinoazot.

RM Rail has supplied 21 unit of petrochemical equipment to JSC Shchekinoazot. Tanks of 0.6 to 125 cubic meters volume, basically made in stainless steel, are intended for chemicals, water and compressed air. A customized design was developed by specialists of RM Rail Engineering Research & Development Center. RM Rail Ruzchimmash was the manufacturer.

Ruzchimmash manufacturing capabilities provide production of equipment from carbon steel, low-alloy and corrosion-resistant steel of up to 250 m3 volume. It can be operated at a pressure of 6.3 MPa and with wall temperature not below -70°C.

Andrei Goryunov, RM Rail Petrochemical Equipment Sales Director:

- Ruzchimmash has been producing equipment for production, transportation and processing of oil and gas for 55 years by now, since the moment of its founding. Over the years, it succeeded to gain unique experience of such products manufacturing, to develop high standards of quality and technology. Taking into account that such equipment is always a non-standard, exclusive order, making such a wide product line within a short time is a challenging and critical task, but we cope with it effectively. That is why, as is the case with Shchekinoazot, our customers entrust us to supply both unit equipment and railcars.


12/20/2016 All news