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RM Rail has presented an innovative car made of aluminium

RM Rail has presented a prototype hopper car made of aluminium alloy, developed jointly with the company Rusal and Alcoa Russia. Model 19-1244 is designed for the transportation of fertilizers and has no analogues on the 1520 rail gage.

The company RM Rail has introduced a new model of hopper car made of aluminium alloys for the transportation of mineral fertilizers. The presentation was attended by representatives of world producers of aluminium Rusal and Alcoa Russia, the main suppliers of mineral fertilizers - Uralkali, Phos-Agro, EuroChem, the largest Russian operator - Freight One - and others. After acquainting themselves with the prototype, experts discussed its design features and held talks about its demand in the market.

The capacity of the car increased to 79 tonnes - today this is the largest figure among mineral transport cars, body volume increased to 109 cubic meters. Thanks to the lightweight materials used in this model, an optimum balance has been reached between these characteristics. The effectiveness of the model also determines the resistance of the body to corrosion, and the lack of pockets and sharp corners which prevents cargo caking and hang. The design provides for the use of innovative bogies with 25 a tonne load of our own production, as well as analogues of other manufacturers.
The head of Mordovia Vladimir Volkov acquainted himself with the new hopper and other promising models of RM Rail rolling stock. He appraised their advantages and announced his readiness to support the implementation of industrial projects.

Andrew Vodopyanov, Director of Business Development RM Rail:

- The appearance of this car is indeed an important event for the Russian transport industry. Its uniqueness lies not only in the presence of the 25-tonne bogie, but also the whole set of useful properties - such as corrosion reliability, extended service life and fast return on investment. This combination has never been seen in the market. We plan to certify the model by the end of the year and submit it to a wider range of customers in the international showroom "EKSPO1520" in Shcherbinka.

06/01/2015 All news