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RM Rail has launched production of vertical steel tanks

RM Rail has launched production of vertical steel tanks (RVS). For this purpose, a joint venture with the Government of Mordovia was established at Ruzchimmash site under the name of RM Rail RVS.

Key Russian industries, like airports, defense complex, food industry, petrochemical sector are interested in this product. Vertical steel tanks are used for accumulation and storage of petroleum, dark and light oil products, chemicals, water, and other materials.

Owing to the experience gained in manufacture of equipment for petrochemical and gas industries, as well as technological and engineering capacity, the company can produce vertical steel tanks of 100 to 50 000 cubic meters volume using plate-by-plate and pre-rolled plate assembly methods. Tank construction is performed based on individual, customer-specific designs.

RM Rail competitiveness is ensured by high-precision and high-performance equipment - in particular, plasma arc cutting units and plate bending rolls. Qualified personnel and integrated quality assessment system provide additional significant advantage of the company.

Pavel Ovchinnikov, RM Rail General Director:

- The project continues diversification that we started last year. On the one hand, it reduces the dependence on our traditional segments - machine building and metallurgy, and on the other hand, allows us to penetrate into the allied construction industry. Ruzchimmash has been producing petrochemical equipment for more than 50 years, so customers know us and confirm their interest in the new products - JV has already received its first orders. We see this as a great merit of our partner. The Republic's leadership has supported the idea to establish RM Rail RVS and is working on its promotion together with us.

10/14/2016 All news