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RM Rail has executed an order from JSC Federal Freight

Trading House RM Rail LLC has supplied 200 new model railroad flat cars to JSC Federal Freight. The contract between the companies was concluded based on the results of a tender. The customer’s choice of supplier was mostly driven by technical capabilities of the 13-1258 model, and first of all, its versatility.

Alexander Kulikov, RM Rail Sales Director:

“The model was certified recently and already finds a ready sale. We are sure that it will meet the customer expectations because it provides transportation of a wide range of various cargoes. There is another version of this model intended for transportation of large-tonnage containers of various modifications and tank containers with dangerous cargoes. Both flat cars are absolutely functional, have good characteristics and are profitable in operation”.

Andrey Shelkovnikov, Head of Flat Car Transportation Division, JSC Federal Freight:

“The company pursues the policy of upgrading the rolling stock and maintaining the balance of railcar fleet on the track. Purchase of the flat cars will ensure extended list of transported cargoes and use of new rail cars for transportation of machinery and equipment, timber, ferrous metals, etc. as well as containers. Thus, JSC Federal Freight will be able to use the flat cars for opportune cargo, which will significantly reduce the cost of empty run, improve rolling stock performance and through this provide the shippers with the required number of flat cars satisfying the needs of a wide variety of customers.”

The railroad flat car produced by RM Rail Ruzchimmash is designed for transportation of wheeled and heavy crawler vehicles, metal structures, large-tonnage containers, tank containers for dangerous goods of up to 36 tonnes gross weight. The flat car is also suitable for transportation of loose, bulk and timber cargoes that do not require protection against atmospheric precipitation.

08/07/2017 All news