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RM Rail has certified the cistern container for chemical cargo

Ruzkhimmash, a key company with RM Rail has published the information about the certification of the cistern container to be used for shipping liquid chemical cargo (KTsKhN 21).

RM Rail Ruzkhimmash has obtained the certificate from the Russian Maritime Register for Shipping for cistern container KTsKhN 21. The cistern is manufactured from stainless steel, featuring high anti-corrosion characteristics. This enables it to be used to transport a broad range of cargo across the 1,520 area. These include highly flammable liquids, oxidizers, poisonous and other hazardous substances. Overall, the list includes 670 products.

The free space within he cisterns depends on the cargo being transported and should never be less than 2.5% from the total capacity at the temperature of 50°С. Based on the customer’s request, the cistern may be equipped with the steam-heating jacket and its overall capacity may be increased up to 26 m3. The maximum gross weight of the cisterns is 3,600 kg, tare mass – no more than 4,370 kg, the maximum weight capacity – no more than 32,000 kg, type – 1CC.

The certificate grants the company the right to use the cistern for the railway, automobile and river transportation.

Alexander Kulikov, Sales Director with RM Rail

- For companies, transporting chemicals, this cistern model may be even more profitable than the rolling stock. Firstly, it enables to transport a broad range of cargo, which many-fold exceeds the offers from other companies. Secondly, this is the optimal solution for companies, which carry out inter-modal shipping operations.



03/31/2016 All news